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Whether you are an existing business in Ealing, or a business seeking to locate to Ealing, there is wide range of support that the council and its partners can offer you.

These pages are set out by topic and include links to Ealing Council Business support pages and third-party pages* where you can find additional support and advice.

Are you a new or growing business?

If you are a business and you are looking for a vacant space within Ealing borough you can access our current list of vacant sites and opportunities.

If you have any comments or need any additional help, please get in contact with our business team.

You can also sign up to Ealing Council’s business newsletter.


Starting your own business

Where do you start when setting up a business? Some practical help and advice is offered below about what you need to think about when starting up your own business.

There is financial support available for businesses that meet the criteria, particularly startups and SMEs.   

Find out more about what may be available for you here.   

How to get government grants for your business – Start Up Loans Company 

Finance and support for your business – GOV.UK ( 

Business support programmes | Business support programmes | Ealing Council 

Most businesses are required to pay business rates to the local authority.  The revenue raised goes towards helping to pay for local services. For more about the rates and how they are calculated please visit the below. 

Business rates | Ealing Council 

Business rates: Overview – GOV.UK ( 

Businesses seeking to develop their premises need to apply to the council for planning permission. Permission may be required when building new premises, changing the use of existing premises, or extending existing buildings.  


For further information and guidance please click here.  

Planning permission for businesses | Planning permission for businesses | Ealing Council 


To request a call back from the planning team please here Planning call-back | Planning call-back | Ealing Council 


To access the UK’s Commercial Planning Portal for a full suite of comprehensive planning and building regulations guidance click here Commercial or residential developments – Commercial or residential developments – Planning Portal 


Businesses don’t automatically receive a refuse collection in the same way that domestic properties do. All businesses are liable to arrange disposal of their waste in a responsible and safe manner with either a private contractor or Ealing Council.  To arrange a business waste collection from your premises from the council please click here.  

Business waste | Ealing Council 

Find out more about Ealing Council’s Good Business Charter and how signing up to it could help your business, staff and customers.  

The Good Business Charter | The Good Business Charter | Ealing Council 

Homepage – Good Business Charter 

For businesses, Business Profile on Google is a free business listing from the world’s biggest search engine that helps you stand out when users are looking for services that you may offer.  First, you will need to create or claim your profile, then verify it. You can also then choose and claim a short name and URL so users can easily find you in Google Maps. 

Claim and Verify Your Business Profile on Google – Google My Business 


Recruitment, apprenticeships and the living wage

If you are a business looking to hire local people, fill your skill shortages or upskill your existing staff we are here to help. Work Ealing and Learn Ealing are part of the council’s employment learning and skills team. They offer Ealing borough businesses a range of employment and training support services. The team offers a full spectrum of services to help your organisation, so you can focus on your core business.

Work Ealing provides a FREE recruitment service to London Living wage employers, we support businesses across various sectors to fill their job vacancies by developing recruitment solutions to meet their needs.  

If you pay the London Living wage, we can support you by: 

  • Offering free advertising space to promote your vacancies on our Work Ealing website. 
  • Identifying and screening the most suitable applicants.
  • Scheduling interviews on your behalf.
  • Handling applicant job offers, rejections and feedback.


To find out more about Work Ealing click here  


Work Ealing has more than 10 years’ experience supporting businesses to set up apprenticeships. The team are experts in supporting apprenticeships both within the council and with businesses who operate in Ealing.  

Work Ealing can: 

  • Provide advice on your role and responsibilities when recruiting and supporting apprentices. 
  • Help identify how apprenticeships can work within your organisation. 
  • Support you with the recruitment process and help you find suitable candidates. 
  • Identify your business needs and link you with a training provider for the apprentice. 
  • Help you identify future opportunities and initiatives your business can benefit from. 
  • Keep you up-to-date and informed through regular newsletters, events, and conferences. 

To contact the Apprenticeship team  


In Ealing borough there are now more than 60 Living Wage businesses who are accredited Living Wage employees.  This means they are recognised as paying the London Living wage to all their employees.  The council encourages businesses to become accredited as there are a number of benefits it can bring for your business.  

For the real cost of living | Living Wage Foundation 


Regulations and Guidance

This section covers regulatory advice and requirements. Your responsibilities as a business owner may depend on what type of service you offer so always check carefully.

Local authorities and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) ensure that businesses provide safe and healthy workplaces for all.  The workplace safety team can advise you on managing risks and completing risk assessments at work.  

Enforcement responsibilities | Workplace health and safety | Ealing Council 

The HSE website has all the information your business needs to ensure it complies with Health & Safety laws. 

For more information on managing your workplace safety risks, contact the safety team at 

Businesses serving food and beverages are closely regulated and have to be registered prior to operating. This is to ensure that food is produced, handled and stored safely.  

To contact the food safety team 

Telephone: 020 8825 6666 


Food businesses | Ealing Council 

When you start a new food business or take over an existing business, you must register with the council at least 28 days before opening. 

Food officers will visit your premises to check you are complying with food safety requirements and will award you a Food Hygiene Rating Score (FHRS). The scheme gives businesses a rating from 5 (very good) to 0 (urgent improvement needed) to provide your customers with a snapshot of the standards at your premises. 

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme | Food Hygiene Rating Scheme | Ealing Council 

For key food safety and standards requirements please visit the Food Standards Agency (FSA) 

The food safety team has also advisors that are at hand to provide you with free advice and guidance when needed.  To request their assistance please contact the food and workplace safety team. 


A business which uses (or proposes to use) premises for the sale of food or drink for consumption on the premises can apply for a pavement licence.  

Pavement licence | Street trading | Ealing Council 

Trading Standards officers ensure safety of goods and protect consumers and businesses from unfair trading. They make sure honest, reputable businesses are not disadvantaged and provide advice on pricing, product labelling, weights and measures.  

Consumer advice | Trading standards | Ealing Council 

Consumer laws can be complex and it is vital that businesses understand their obligations and rights of their customers. Business companion provides free and impartial guidance for businesses on a wide range of topics and it’s a useful source of reliable information:  


If you have any specific enquires, you can reach the Trading Standards team at  

If you are having work carried out in your business by a third party, you may need to apply for a business trader parking permit.  

Apply for a business trader parking permit | Apply for a business trader parking permit | Ealing Council 

All premises must be safe and hygienic for their customers and trade. The council does not offer a commercial pest control service. If you require a service we recommend you contact a reputable private contractor.

Change of use is defined as a change in the purpose or circumstance in which a building is used.  Please refer to our guidance here.

Change of use | Change of use | Ealing Council

The Local Plan set the policies for redevelopment of commercial sites 

Industrial masterplans set the parameters to create better industrial led places better for residents and workers to support investment and job growth.


Ealing’s new Evening and Night-Time Economy Strategy (ENTES)

The night time economy covers a broad range of economic services and professions, not limited to pubs and restaurants but security services, local shops and off-licenses, healthcare services, cleaning services, night-time transport services, IT support services and artistic and cultural services, in addition to others.

For the purposes of this strategy, Ealing’s night time economy refers to:  

Economic and cultural events and businesses that drive a broad spectrum of activity across the borough, during the evening and night time.  

In line with the approach taken at the regional level, this strategy will focus on activities which take place from 6pm to 6am. We will also consider how these activities are integrated with Ealing’s “day time” economy which occurs outside of the hours specified.

The purpose of this strategy is to:

  • To generate interest among residents, visitors, workers, and businesses.
  • To effect late night licencing policy changes in our key town centre areas. 
  • To identify and deliver projects that will enhance the safety and vitality of our key town and business centres in the evening and late night.

Through the ENTES engagement strategy, our objectives are to:

  • Work closely with local residents, businesses and communities to develop a community-led vision
  • Generate interest, enthusiasm and support for the ENTE Strategy throughout the duration of its development
  • Ensure we identify, reach out to and engage with all stakeholders, to ensure we are inclusive and have robust feedback that will feed into the strategy to best inform recommendations
  • Keep stakeholders informed on progress and outcomes of the engagement to sustain interest in the development of the ENTE.
  • Inform stakeholders of the final publication of the ENTE strategy alongside outcomes of engagement and research

Following the main stage of engagement, a wrap-up stage will take place. This will involve sessions with key stakeholders to review problems and opportunities identified and establish a set of key themes and recommendations to embed into the new Ealing Evening and Night Time Economy Strategy.

Our online consultation launched on Wednesday 6th March and will close by the end of April! 

Please complete our online survey by following the link here: Give My View



Businesses wising to carry out licensable activities such as supply of alcohol, late night refreshment, entertainment and events may need a licence to operate. This is to ensure licensed premises are not a cause of nuisance, harm, and crime in their local communities.   

To contact the licensing team 

Telephone: 020 8825 6655   


To apply for a premises licence 

For one-off events you may be able to get a permission through Temporary Event Notices (TENs)  

A business which uses (or proposes to use) premises for the sale of food or drink for consumption on the premises can apply for a pavement licence.  

Pavement licence | Street trading | Ealing Council 

There are licensing requirements for gambling premises, massage parlours and special treatment (MSTs), fireworks, animal welfare, scrap metal and many others.  To check which license you may need for your specific business please visit the Home Office ‘License Finder’ too.  

Businesses that want to operate on the street will need to apply for a street licence from Ealing Council.  There are also a number of licensed markets operating in the borough that you can apply directly to for a stall.  You may also require a licence for a special event or to operate outside of your regulatory hours.  

Licences and street trading | Ealing Council 

Apply for a street trading licence | Street trading | Ealing Council 

Trade With Us – Acton Market 

Southall Market in London Borough of Ealing ( 

London Farmers’ Markets | Ealing Farmers’ Market ( 

Hanwell Hootie – Live Music in Small Venues in the Home of Loud 

Contact | Ealing Festival ( 


Training and support for businesses

There is a range of business support and training available across the borough and much of it is free. It also helps to join a business network or organisation to meet and learn from peers and larger businesses.

Learn Ealing work with businesses to deliver workplace training that suit the needs of both the employer and employee.   

The aim is to provide an accessible and ambitious curriculum that empowers learners and communities to fulfil their potential, including those who are traditionally disadvantaged. We have a proven track record of quality and innovation, and we uphold the highest standards of excellence. 

For more information email us on 


‘Contactus’ – promoting local businesses and events ( 

Ealing Business Expo Ealing Business Expo – Your big event for boosting business in Ealing, West London ( 

Free Business Courses & Training in Ealing | 

CPD certified training for small businesses | Federation of Small Businesses | FSB, The Federation of Small Businesses 

Bright Lights Employment training at Ealing Broadway ( 

Business support and partnerships | University of West London ( 

Explore our full range of Business solutions | Ealing Hammersmith and West London College ( 


BIDS and trading associations

A BID is a Business Investment District and there are three in Ealing borough in Ealing Metropolitan Town Centre, West Ealing and Acton. If you operate or open a business within these areas, you will automatically become a member. There are also other forms of business forums, and you can find out more about these below.    

Make It Ealing 

Your Acton BID

In West Ealing BID

Southall Business Forum (To Create)  


Working with Ealing Council

There are opportunities to work with Ealing Council as a supplier or contractor. Find out more here and how your business can become an approved contractor.


Work hubs

A catch all term, ‘work hubs’ encompasses spaces run by a third-party provider that can be booked or leased by different types of businesses. These include traditional office and desk space, but also creative and artists’ studios, units for some industrial uses and for catering.

There are many different types of work hubs operating across the borough which are really useful places when starting out or growing your business, as it negates onerous up front overhead costs. Contracts are often flexible depending on your business’s needs. A number of these hubs also provide serviced offices which can take the headache – and cost – out of sourcing your own location. Many operators include additional benefits such as internet, servicing and community and social programmes. But the most important aspect is to find a space where your company can grow.

Click here to view the current list of workspace operators in Ealing borough

If you are a workspace operator and are interested in listing your space here, please contact us


Awards and recognitions 

There are some amazing businesses in Ealing, many of which have really put the Ealing name on the map. In recognition, there are award programmes that recognise outstanding businesses in the borough.

Should you need any further help, get in touch at and a council officer will get in touch to support you with your business needs.


For news and events from Good for Ealing, and opportunities in Ealing borough.

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Town frameworks

Town Regeneration Frameworks set out the vision, objectives and infrastructure priorities to better serve local people, enable job creation, and support healthier lifestyles.

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