The London Living Wage

What is the London Living Wage?

The London Living Wage is an hourly rate of pay, currently set at £13.15. It is calculated to give workers in London and their families enough to afford the essentials and to save.

Who can become London Living Wage accredited?

Organisations of all sizes and types can become accredited, from small to large businesses, sole traders, charities and not-for-profit. Accredited businesses are not required to pay volunteers and apprenticeships the London Living Wage.

How could paying the London Living Wage help your organisation?

94% of accredited businesses reported benefits from paying their employees the London Living Wage, including attracting more customers and improved staff recruitment and retention.

The first 250 businesses to accredit in Ealing before 31st March 2025 will be able to access:

  • New business grants to cover the first year of accreditation costs.
  • Free recruitment services.
  • Free business planning support.
  • Free training and development programmes for your employees.
  • A dedicated ‘Business Buddy’ – a council officer to support you with access to council services and advice.
  • Free promotional opportunities to showcase your business, including participation in a Good for Ealing award ceremony.

Find out more about these incentives by emailing

Start you accreditation today and find out more at Accredit | Living Wage Foundation


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